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Truly-Madly Bio

Truly-Madly Promo Mix

Learning to play piano and keyboards from an early age, truly-madly quickly realised how big a part music was going to play in his life. Growing up in Liverpool, UK, music was an integral part of life and in the late 80s he was naturally exposed to house and techno he knew then he'd found his true love. truly quickly became a vinyl obsessive and started DJing in 1989, religiously visiting Eastern Bloc record shop in Manchester in pursuit of the latest sounds. Frequenting the now legendary Quadrant Park and Hacienda clubs, truly saw the sheer power of music, the sense of togetherness it could provide, and the ability to uplift and alleviate. A playlist that leaned heavily on Chicago house from the likes of Ron Trent, Trax Records, Wayne Gardiner, and Larry Heard (who would subsequently record a guest mix for truly-madly.com) cemented his love of the deeper side. He also noticed the deeper Italian house b-sides and spent some time enjoying the mellow balearic vibe on the island of Ibiza.

After moving to London in the early 90s, truly-madly played regularly at venues such as Ministry Of Sound, Leisure Lounge and Bar Rhumba, alongside the likes of Luke Solomon, DJ Harvey, LuvDup, Terry Farley and Marshall Jefferson. During the mid 90s, promoters would constantly try to encourage playing harder and faster, whereas his style was always naturally deeper and slower. truly's unwillingness to compromise his style resulted in him taking more of a back seat with regards to DJing at the larger, more commercial club nights. Far from his interest in music waning, this encouraged him to seek out the more obscure and deeper sound he loved so much, and play at smaller, more intimate gatherings.

Since the dawn of the internet truly has connected with like-minded people worldwide and found new fans of his style characterised by deep and emotive sounds with an emphasis on melody and harmony in the firm belief that you dance with your head and heart as much as with your feet. His website (www.truly-madly.com) showcases his mixing talents and focuses on a depth of music that spans era and genre, rather than just the latest thing.

You can find D&B, jazz, disco, italo, electro, ambient, alongside deep house and techno. Guest mixes for Deep Rhythms, Deep Connect, Special Needs, Planet Soul Network, Demizen and now a monthly residency on the influential Estimulo show have led to truly being confirmed as an official DJ for Deep Summit '09. Also look out for forthcoming productions that will bear the hallmark of truly's sound...

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